Tuesday, 6 December 2011


The Edinburgh klezmer group meets every second Thursday in the Fiddlers Elbow, Picardy Place, from 7.30 on.  The tunes come from a variety of sources, some of which are not very legible.  So I've done ABC transcriptions of them which can be printed in whatever size and format you want, using whatever ABC processing software you have access to.  These transcriptions are all in one file on my website:

I'll put staff notation and MIDI versions of the tunes here - they will all be generated from the ABC.

Notational convention: for visual clarity, I don't mark the beginning of repeated sections that start at the beginning of a line after a double bar or close-repeat.  This is common practice in the folk music world, but not all ABC software understands it.

I've left out all the chords in the sources.  I'll put them back (or better, put in the harmonies we're actually playing) on request.

If anybody wants transposed versions, let me know.

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